Covid-19 Screening

    Dear Patient
    There is an ongoing outbreak of a novel Coronavirus Covid-19 in several countries in the world. Here at Maguire Dental Care we are adhering to guidance from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre in containing the virus.
    As part of our prevention plan and to ensure safe patient care, we are asking patients to complete this questionnaire on entering the clinic.

    Please Answer the Following Questions:

    1. Have you had a recent onset of fever, chills or symptoms of any respiratory tract infections?
    i.e, cough, shortness of breath or nasal discharge?

    2. Have you been in contact with a confirmed or probable case(symptomatic) of COVID-19 in the past 14 days? This includes household contacts – if someone they live with is symptomatic.

    3. Have you attended a health care facility or where patients with COVID-19 were being treated and you had direct contact with COVID-19 patient? (Healthcare workers caring for COVID – 19 patients wearing PPE are exempt from this question, they are casual contacts)

    Have you been vaccinated in the last 14 days