Price List

Routine Care

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Dental Examination
Medical Card Exam
PRSI Examination
Free [one per year]
Free [one per year]
Scale & Polish 70
Scale & Polish/Protracted Gum Treatment with PRSI Dental Examination (once per calendar year) 15 - 25
Non-Surgical Periodontal (Gum) Treatment (per side, depending on number of teeth) 120-150
Child Dental Examination 35
Digital Full Mouth X-Ray (OPG) or CBCT Scan60-150


TreatmentPrice (Euro)
White Composite Fillings95-110 (1-2 surface)
110-150 (2-4 surface)
Temporary Fillings50-70
Fissure Sealants30 per tooth


TreatmentPrice (Euro)
ExpressFrom €1500
Dual Arch Lite€3695 [incl itero scan, retainers and whitening]
Dual Arch Full€4500 [incl itero scan, retainers and whitening]
Itero Scan with Outcome simulation €60

Removal of Teeth

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
RoutineFrom €110.00
Surgical Extractions (depending on time and complexity)150-350

Root Canal Treatment

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Incisor [incl. filling]400
Premolar [incl. filling]500
Molar [incl. filling] 690

Crown and Bridgework

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Direct Composite Onlay350 - 450
Metal-Ceramic Crown650
All Ceramic Crown690
Implant Crown1,100
Porcelain Veneer600
Post and Core150
Maryland Bridge (replacing 1 tooth)900
Conventional Bridge (per unit)600
Composite Veneer / Bonding150 - 300 per tooth

Teeth Whitening

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Full Kit & Custom made Trays230
Whitening for Life *230
Refill Gel Syringe 25
Mini Kit [3 syringes]60
Full Kit [6 Syringes]120
Replacement of Trays80 for set (40 each)


TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Acrylic Full Denture (Upper and Lower) 750
Partial Acrylic Denture (depending on the number of teeth)350-750
Cobalt Chrome Denture 950 per denture
Denture Repair 90
Denture Addition90 per tooth


TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Customised Sports Guard95
Night Guard150


Botox TreatmentPrice (Euro)
1 Area€180
2 Area €250
3 Area €300
1 Area€200
2 Area €275
3 Area €325

Lip Fillers

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
0.5ml €250

Skin Booster [Hyaluronic acid for face hydration] - PROFHILO

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
1 Treatment
[2ml Profhilo]
2 Treatments
[4 weeks apart]
*Recommended : 2 Treatments, 4 weeks apart.Every 6 months

Oral Surgeon

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
with Dr. Kate Farrell
Simple Extraction€150 - €200
Surgical Extraction €250 - €350
*Pricelist of further oral surgery procedures on request* Treatment may be covered under medical insurance

Implant - Replacement of Teeth

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Consultation including CBCT€150
Implant Placement€1200
Implant Crown€1100
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