Price List

Routine Care

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Dental Health Check up30
Scale & Polish 60
Scale & Polish with PRSI Dental Examination (once per calendar year) 20
Non-Surgical Periodontal (Gum) Treatment (per side, depending on number of teeth) 120-150
Child Dental Examination 20-30
Digital Full Mouth X-Ray (OPG)40


TreatmentPrice (Euro)
White Composite Fillings95-110 (1-2 surface)
110-150 (2-4 surface)
Temporary Fillings50-70
Fissure Sealants30 per tooth

Removal of Teeth

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Surgical Extractions (depending on time and complexity)120-250

Root Canal Treatment

TreatmentPrice (Euro)

Crown and Bridgework

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Full Gold Crown675
Metal-Ceramic Crown595
All Ceramic Crown690
Implant Crown1,100
Porcelain Veneer600
Post and Core150
Maryland Bridge (replacing 1 tooth)900
Conventional Bridge (per unit)600

Teeth Whitening

TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Full Kit & Customised Trays230
Whitening for Life *230
Refill Gel Syringe 25
Zoom Mini Kit60
Zoom Full Kit140
Replacement of Trays80 for set (40 each)


TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Acrylic Full Denture (Upper and Lower) 750
Partial Acrylic Denture (depending on the number of teeth)350-750
Cobalt Chrome Denture 950 per denture
Denture Repair 90
Denture Addition90 per tooth


TreatmentPrice (Euro)
Customised Sports Guard95
Night Guard150
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