Whitening For Life

Whitening For Life

Maguire Dental Care Whitening for Life Programme has been developed for our patients who take their dental upkeep seriously and also as an incentive for those who need a little help in maintaining their dental health.

Research shows that patients who follow recommended hygiene advice and complete necessary dental treatments are more likely to maintain a healthy dental routine.

How to join Maguire Dental Care’s Whitening for Life:

1. In order to participate in the Whitening for Life Programme you will first need to consult with Dr. Michael Maguire or one of his associates to see if you qualify as a whitening candidate.

2. Once you have received an examination and scale & polish appointment with our hygienists Susan Carr, Katie Murtagh, Aoife Davis we will take impressions of your teeth and give you custom fitted whitening trays with a full whitening kit. The cost for a Home Whitening Kit is 230.00

3. At every 6 months, you must book an appointment with one of our hygienists Susan / Katie/ Aoife and you will receive a refill of whitening solution absolutely FREE.

Terms & Conditions

1. You must attend the hygienist every 6 months for your cleaning appointment or you will be disqualified from the programme. You must also book yearly examination appointments with Dr. Maguire.

2. Lost or destroyed trays will be replaced at a cost of 40 per tray to the patient.

3. One whitening gel syringe will be rewarded at each cleaning appointment.

4. Attend treatment on any decayed or broken teeth.

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