Paul McPartland


Following his graduation from Trinity College, Paul worked in the UK before returning home to Ireland and working in private practice in Dublin. He then completed his membership examinations with RCSI before completing a 3-year postgraduate Master’s degree in Endodontology in the UK. All endodontic assessments and treatments are completed using our state-of-the-art microscope. Paul also works in a referral practice in Dublin. Our endodontic/endodontic referral process has been to initially arrange a 30-minute endodontic consultation with the patient. At this appointment, a full treatment plan will be formulated and the patient will be informed of their treatment needs. If endodontic treatment is not suitable for a given case or patient, they will be informed of their alternative options and referred back to their referring dentist. Root canal treatment removes bacteria from the infected root canal, prevents reinfection of the tooth and saves the natural tooth.

This treatment can be conducted in one appointment or over the course of two appointments depending on the patient’s preference.