3D Scan Consultation


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Invisalign is the leading brand for teeth straightening in the world, It’s high quality material and smart force features move the teeth into place.

Here at Maguire dental we want you to achieve the smile you have always wanted.
Using our 3D iTero scanner, we scan your teeth and can show you what your teeth will look like straight.
We create a tailored made treatment plan for you and your Invisalign aligners are custom made to suit this plan.
What makes Invisalign so popular is its ease of use being removable , virtually invisible, easy to fit into any lifestyle.

The cost of the booking below will be taken off if Invisalign Treatment is decided to go ahead.


UPDATE: Due to the high volume of patients requesting Invisalign appointments, we are unable to offer online booking at the moment. Please contact our reception team on 04493 85459 or arrange an appointment.

We are proud to say we are growing more and more with the times of digital dentistry and we are doing this in a few ways,

We have our 3D iTero scanner that now takes digital records of your teeth, We use this for scanning your teeth for Invisalign , crowns, bridges and keeping an eye on the oral hygiene of your teeth and mouth.

The iTero scanner works by capturing thousands of small images of your teeth and creating the scan.