Hygienist Appointment


Scale & Polish

Pay a deposit of 15.00 per item


UPDATE: Due to the high volume of patients requesting hygienist appointments, we are unable to offer online booking. Please contact our reception team on 04493 85459 or arrange an appointment.

A scale and polish is the procedure of professionally cleaning the teeth and gums and this involves removing staining, plaque and tartar build up. Tartar is formed when plaque is left on the teeth for too long and hardens. This cannot be removed with regular tooth-brushing. The hygienist also polishes your teeth to remove any stains that are caused by your daily diet.

If you would prefer to see a particular hygienist, please contact the practice on 04493 85459.

Please note; if you are attending Maguire Dental Care for the first time, you will also require an examination with one of our dentists. A member of staff will be in touch with you to arrange this appointment.

You also may be entitled to a discount under the social welfare scheme so please refer to our Practice Statement. Please fill out the form below along with your PPS number and a member of staff can see if you qualify for this benefit.
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You will receive a text reminder the day before your appointment.

*Please note that you will lose your deposit if you do not attend your appointment.